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Amazing helpful seller - had problems with set up, went out of way to help. August 2014


The Yellow Jacket Billy Bunter Books by Frank Richards

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First published by Charles Skilton

Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School
Billy Bunter's Banknote
Billy Bunter's Barring Out
Billy Bunter in Brazil
Billy Bunter's Christmas Party
Bessie Bunter of Cliff House School
Billy Bunter's Benefit
Billy Bunter Among the Cannibals
Billy Bunter's Postal Order
Billy Bunter Butts In
Billy Bunter and the Blue Mauritius


First published by Cassell

Billy Bunter's Beanfeast
Billy Bunter's Brainwave
Billy Bunter the Bold
Bunter Does His Best
Billy Bunter's Double
Backing Up Billy Bunter
Lord Billy Bunter
The Banishing of Billy Bunter
Billy Bunter's Bolt
Billy Bunter's Bargain
19.The Banishing of Billy Bunter, 1956 20.Billy Bunter's Bolt, 1957 21.Billy Bunter Afloat, 1957 22.Billy Bunter's Bargain, 1958
Billy Bunter the Hiker Bunter Out of Bounds Bunter Comes for Christmas Bunter the Bad Lad
23.Billy Bunter the Hiker, 1958 24.Bunter Out of Bounds, 1959 25.Bunter Comes for Christmas, 1959 26.Bunter the Bad Lad, 1960
Bunter Keeps it Dark Billy Bunter's Treasure Hunt, Billy Bunter at Butlins
27.Bunter Keeps it Dark, 1960 28.Billy Bunter's Treasure Hunt, 1961 29.Billy Bunter at Butlins, 1961 promoting Butlin's Holiday Camp
Bunter the Ventriloquist Bunter the Caravanner Billy Bunter's Bodyguard Big Chief Bunter
30.Bunter the Ventriloquist, 1961 31.Bunter the Caravanner, 1962
32.Billy Bunter's Bodyguard, 1962
33.Big Chief Bunter, 1963
Just Like Bunter Bunter the Stowaway Thanks to Bunter Bunter the Sportsman
34.Just Like Bunter, 1963
35.Bunter the Stowaway, 1964
36.Thanks to Bunter, 1964 37.Bunter the Sportsman, 1965
Bunter's Last Fling      

38.Bunter's Last Fling, 1965


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