Book Inscriptions 1

Book inscriptions provide a small insight into the social history of the books we sell  at Stella and Rose’s Books.

Most of us are now on first name terms with all our relatives, but there was a time when an adult would either be known as Aunt or Uncle or by their full name Mrs Smith for example, never by their first name. We can also see how names change, there are very few people called Gladys or Cedric but these names were once popular.

There also inscriptions in books that tell part of a story, that leave you wondering about what happened to both the giver and receiver of the book.

Have a look at the following:

As a birthday gift, I’d like to donate

To my erstwhile boss and associate,

This book relating to clocks and time,

To read, now in life you’ve reached your prime.

I’d like to add, that’s if I may,

I’m proud to have known you…I.P.K.,

And for your 60th, best wishes I send,

Not only as a ‘Boss’, but I regard you as a friend.

My thanks for this idea goes to  Wayne Gooderham, please do have a look at his blog Book dedications

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